Convert MHTML and HTML files to images in batch

Do you want to convert your local mhtml or html files to full size images or any size thumbnails?
Do you need to capture webpages/websites from their URLs in batch?
Do you want to make images of web pages (convert web pages to images)?

Now, you can use Webpage Thumbnailer to do this task easily and quickly in a few clicks.

Step: 1

Click on "Add File(s)", select all your HTML or MHTML files from their location.

Screen: Select local html or mhtml files

Or if you want to capture web pages from the internet from their URLs.

Click on "Add URL(s)", and add all URLs of websites/webpages.

Screen: Enter urls of websites/webpages

Step: 2

Click on "Start" now.

Screen: Click start now

Now, Webpage Thumbnailer will generate all your images/thumbnails automatically without your intervention.

You can change the size of your output image/thumbnail or Image format (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIF) from the "Settings".

Screen: Change settings

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